German Citizenship Law

German Citizenship Law

Germany Citizenship Law

Two of the most common methods to German citizenship are by descent and residency. The citizenship of descent can be valuable for those who have their family roots in Germany. However, German citizenship law has changed drastically over the years. The question of whether you are a German citizen by descent depends on whether your parents or ancestors were able to obtain German citizenship in the first place.

The requirement for naturalization is that the person has to have lived legally for at least eight years in Germany and holds a corresponding residence permit. This period can be reduced in specific cases.

In both cases the rules to German nationality can be confusing which makes a professional council necessary. Our interculturally trained attorneys and consultants will give you professional support and guide you in your personal journey.

Our Business Immigration service for German citizenship law includes:

  • German citizenship by descent
  • German citizenship by residency
  • Renouncing German citizenship
  • Dual citizenship applications
  • EU Blue Card applications
  • Citizenship application
  • Support of the domestic procedure

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