Business Immigration

Business Immigration

Business Immigration

For foreign investment, Germany is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. The central location, easy access to other EU markets, solid infrastructure and highly skilled workforce make it an attractive investment destination. The research and development sector is one that stands out in Germany. Furthermore, Germany is one of the largest and most stable trading economies in the world with a stable, well-developed political and economic structure.

The team of Legal Wandering aims to bring successful businesspeople to Germany in order to create new business opportunities for them. Under the requirements of § 21 AufenthG, entrepreneurs, investors, the self-employed and freelancers from outside the EU can obtain a residence permit to pursue self-employment in Germany.

As a business immigration client of Legal Wandering our clients will get comprehensive legal support to clarify all questions related to residence law. The same applies to your employees and their family members who want to submit relevant applications to the responsible department of the State Office for Immigration.

Our Business Immigration service for Investors and Entrepreneurs includes:

  • Business plan: drafting and analysis
  • Corporate law services
  • Employment law: comprehensive legal support
  • Family reunification services
  • German residency by investment
  • Investor Visa renewal applications
  • Investing in Germany: legal guidance
  • Self-employment visa information
  • Start-Up companies: comprehensive legal guidance

Our Business Immigration service for Companies includes:

  • Corporate expansion to Germany: legal assistance
  • Corporate relocation services
  • Employment visas: ICT Card & skilled immigration options
  • EU Blue Card applications and related legal services
  • Family immigration and reunification
  • German citizenship applications
  • Permanent residence permits in Germany
  • Short-term Business Visas

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